images (2)Why Use a PEO Broker, and what are the benefits of using a PEO Broker?

Have you ever tried obtaining a mortgage directly from the bank?? Have you ever shopped for a health insurance quote or Workers’ Compensation quote directly from the carriers??

It is quite time consuming negotiating, understanding and reviewing each and every carrier’s proposal.

Imagine, if you were the General Contractor of your own home??

Can you envision how much time you will be spending on interviewing and pricing out the many vendors you will need to complete you home.

Isn’t that why we all use Insurance Brokers, Mortgage Brokers and General Contractors?? Does that make sense??

The same is true in the PEO industry.

Have you ever tried to obtain a PEO proposal??

There are over 700 PEO companies in the USA as of today. PEOs provide a vast variety of services, and each and every PEO company has its strengths and weaknesses in all the services they provide. PEOs also have many different products, services, technology and requirements that vary from PEO to PEO. Some PEOs are industry specific and will only partner with companies in their target industries. Some are regionally specific, and only partner with companies in their region. And the list goes on and on…..

Why would someone want to spend extensive amounts of time to research each PEO he wishes to obtain a proposal from and then determine if they are a fit?? Many times you can spend an enormous amount of time researching, only to realize that particular PEO is just not for you. It can literally be a full time job pricing out PEO companies to find the one that is the right match for your specific business needs.

By using a PEO broker, the business owner only needs to give out his business information necessary for a proposal to one person. The broker has thorough knowledge of the companies he or she represents, and can give an unbiased opinion on each one of them. Since the PEO broker knows the strengths and weaknesses of each PEO, he or she can determine which one is appropriate and best fit for the companies specific business needs.

PEO proposals can be very lengthy, and difficult to compare one to another, as there is no standard proposal format. Some PEOs can bundle their rates together and you cannot breakdown the various components, like workers’ compensation, state unemployment rates or administrative fees. It can get pretty confusing. A PEO broker has extensive knowledge and will be able to assist you in better understanding the different proposal and pricing formats, as well as navigating through all the financial complexities.

A PEO Consulting Firm makes it their business to understand the wide differences among the many types of PEOs as well as the specific needs of the client. They assist their client’s in navigating through the complexities of the PEO industry. PEO brokers establish relationships with three types of PEOs. National, Regional and Niche therefore they can cater to almost every industry, and find the correct fit for their client’s specific business needs. Additionally, PEO Consultants have the ability to negotiate on behalf of their clients’ for better pricing and service. Due to the larger volume of business the PEOs receive from PEO Consulting Firms and the favorable professional business relationship, the client is often in a position to get the most competitive rates.

In conclusion here are some of the benefits of working with a PEO Broker:

  • Knowledge in all the products and services PEO companies are currently offering.
  • Ability to find the right PEO that best suits your specific business needs.
  • Assistance in navigating through the PEO proposal process. Without the need to go through the proposal process with multiple providers.
  • Ability to offer unbiased advice.
  • Ability to explain the different technology each PEO offers to their client’s.
  • Competitive pricing due to the amount of business written with the PEOs the broker works with.
  • Price out multiple providers.
  • Leverage in service due to the amount of business written with the PEOs the broker works with.
  • Ability to monitor year by year to assure that you are maintaining competitive pricing and the service you deserve.
  • Strategic partner and trusted advisor to discuss, analyze and strategize any questions or concerns regarding your PEO partnership.
  • Representation in the PEO you partnered are with.

ARC Consultants is a PEO Consulting Firm, we are your trusted advisors when it comes to the PEO industry. ARC Consultants brokers out PEO services for all the leading PEO companies. We have exceptional knowledge in the industry, and all the latest products. With our expertise and knowledge we are able to better understand our client’s needs and concerns and assist them in navigating through the complexities of making the correct decision in partnering with a PEO. We assist our clients in finding them the PEO that best suits their specific needs. We as well, negotiate on their behalf and service them throughout our relationship. We maintain exceptional relationships with our PEO providers and thereby we have the ability to service our client’s needs and advocate on their behalf.

Our team consists of licensed insurance producers as well, giving us the ability to give our client’s a full range of options, from the open and standard markets as well as the PEO market. Thereby our clients are able to make a fully educated and unbiased decision. ARC Consultants is always here to assist our client’s, and we are truly a service oriented PEO consulting firm. We assist in every area possible: proposal process, decision, implementation, on boarding, enrollment and throughout our client’s partnership with his specific PEO we maintain our relationship with our client’s to assure that everything is perfect. We understand the complexities and are here to assist and be of service – and only that.

Reach out to ARC Consultants now, so we can start assisting you in finding the solution that’s just right for you……

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