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Statistic # 121 – HR related tasks contribute to 25-35% of the average business owner’s time or their key personnel.

Statistic # 122 – 35% of CEOs said it is an absolute necessity for HR managers to be “proficient” in workforce analytics.

Statistic # 123 – More than 3,000,000 workplace injuries occur each year in the US.

Statistic # 124 – Workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses nearly $250 million each year.

Statistic # 125 – Employees that are satisfied with their employee benefits are almost 4X more satisfied with their jobs.

Statistic # 126 – Being proactive in creating a safe workplace can yield up to a $6.15 return on each dollar invested.

Statistic # 127 – A $1,000 Workers Comp claim can potentially cost an employer over $5,000.

Statistic # 128 – On average, there are 12 workplace death accidents per day in the U.S.

Statistic # 129 – Companies with fewer than 20 employees have 60% higher compliance costs.

Statistic # 130 – 7-25% of a small business owner’s time is spent handling employee paperwork.

Statistic # 131 – 36% of surveyed companies have had problems retaining employees in the past 12 months.

Statistic # 132 – 33% of surveyed companies had used benefits to retain employees in the past year.

Statistic # 133 – 90% of respondents reported increases in their health plan premiums.

Statistic # 134 – 80% of the companies surveyed used healthcare benefits to keep employees in the past year.

Statistic # 135 – The average small business owner is now spending as much as 13 hours a month to comply with ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Statistic # 136 – 57% businesses surveyed offered retirement savings benefits to help retain employees.

Statistic # 137 – According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the average employer pays about 70% of an employee’s health insurance premium.

Statistic # 138 – 20% of surveyed companies said their health insurance premium increase exceeded 20%.

Statistic # 139 – 40% of employers in the United States report difficulty filling certain jobs.

Statistic # 140 – 40% of HR functions are being restructured.

Statistic # 141 – Businesses across the US have a nearly 12% chance of an employee legal action.

Statistic # 142 – 6 in 10 companies plan to increase spending on HR in the next 12 to 18 months.

Statistic # 143 – Almost 50% of all HR departments will be restructured in 2015 or 2016.

Statistic # 144 – 40% of small businesses incur IRS penalties.

Statistic # 145 – An average employee legal case against a mid-sized employer takes 275 days to resolve and carries a cost of $125,000.

Statistic # 146 – 48% of companies that partnered with a PEO made that decision to lower healthcare benefit costs.

Statistic # 147 – 40% of companies that partnered with a PEO made that decision because of the need to focus on their core business.

Statistic # 148 – 38% of companies that partnered with a PEO made that decision in order to offer quality HR service to assist in recruiting and retention.

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