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Statistic # 91 – The DOL enforces over 180 Federal laws affecting 10 million employers and 125 million workers.

Statistic # 92 – Client’s outsourcing multiple functions to a single vendor save 32% over those using multiple vendors.

Statistic # 93 – . Payroll and taxes is ranked the #1 administrative burden among businesses.

Statistic # 94 – 35% of HR managers spend more time now on human capital management related to compliance than they did 2 years ago.

Statistic # 95 – Companies that partner with a #PEO have nearly a 10% higher employment growth rate, than companies not with a PEO.

Statistic # 96 – Companies that partner with a #PEO save on average 21% on HR and administration than companies not with a PEO.

Statistic # 97 – 40% of businesses that use a #PEO upgrade their benefit packages.

Statistic # 98 – PEOs improve the work environment and increase safety by 20%.

Statistic # 99 – There is a 33% lower employee turnover at companies that partner with a #PEO.

Statistic # 100 –At ARC Consultants we strive to deliver to our client’s responsive, competent and unparalleled 100% satisfactory service.

Statistic # 101 – 48% of CEOs surveyed said their companies had lost money because of inefficient hiring processes.

Statistic # 102 –65% of executives say that HR opinions carry greater weight with senior management, the need for their HR teams to come forward with data-driven, competitive approaches and efficient technologies is more critical than ever.

Statistic # 103 – Only 58% of business owners know how to effectively drive down costs, and only 22% have been able to execute an action plan.

Statistic # 104 – Employees who are very satisfied with benefits are almost 4x more likely (81% versus 22%) to be very satisfied with their jobs.

Statistic # 105 – 9 in 10 employers say they are facing increases in the premiums they pay for employee health plans.

Statistic # 106 – Nearly 25% of employers are seeing health benefit rate increases in the double digits.

Statistic # 107 – The top employee benefits concern among employers, is the continued rise in the cost of providing group medical coverage for employees.

Statistic # 108 – 67% of employers are cost-shifting the rise in healthcare costs to employees.

Statistic # 109 – About 50% of employers say they are considering changing health carriers to condense costs.

Statistic # 110 – Despite the increasing cost pressures, 97% of companies say they plan to continue providing employer-sponsored coverage to employees.

Statistic # 111 – 75% of employment practices claims are groundless – but still require significant expense to defend.

Statistic # 112 – 90% of CEOs say it is important for HR managers to be “proficient” in workforce analytics.

Statistic # 113 –10% of small business owners cite that the most difficult aspect of running a business is hiring and managing a staff.

Statistic # 114 – 57% of employees said they’re likely to accept jobs with slightly lower compensation but better benefits.

Statistic # 115 – The price tag of a “bad hire” has cost some U.S. companies more than $50,000.

Statistic # 116 – That a third of business owners say they’ve experienced fines and penalties for non-compliance with government regulations.

Statistic # 117 – Employees whose bosses encourage them to take breaks during the day are 81% more likely to stay in their jobs.

Statistic # 118 – 41% of business owners hiring in the last 3 months reported few or no qualified applicants.

Statistic # 119 – 80% of CFOs say they feel powerless when it comes to managing their company’s healthcare spending.

Statistic # 120 – A recent survey found that 52% of employees expect their employer to pay at least 80% of the cost of their medical insurance.

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