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Statistic # 61 – Did you know?? 71% of employers believe the costliest years of complying with PPACA lie ahead.

Statistic # 62 – In response to ACA challenges 70% of midsized employers are shifting costs to employees.

Statistic # 63 – 19% of surveyed employers think general administrative costs will be the top compliance-related cost-drivers in the years to come.

Statistic # 64 – Only 12% of employees are extremely satisfied with their benefits, and only 14% believe their benefits package meets their current family needs extremely well.

Statistic # 65 – According to a recent study by the DOL 90% of business are not in compliance.

Statistic # 66 – The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that approximately 70 percent of employers violate the FLSA’s classification requirements.

Statistic # 67 – Last year, employers paid out $18 million in penalties to 19,000 misclassified workers. Under federal law, an employee’s specific job duties and salary must meet all the requirements of the Department of Labor’s regulations.

Statistic # 68 – 96% of employers plan to continue to offer employer sponsored health care coverage, despite the fact that they feel #ACA has had a negative impact on their organization.

Statistic # 69 – 27% of employers believe the largest cost increase under #ACA will occur in 2018, when the Cadillac tax kicks in.

Statistic # 70 –  50% of employers believe their current plan would trigger the Cadillac tax, but only 3% say they plan to pay it in.

Statistic # 71 –  70% of midsized and 80% of large businesses, are shifting costs to employees, by changing or increasing employee co-pays due to #ACA challenges.

Statistic # 72 – 29% of midsized companies capped part time hours to manage their ACA costs.

Statistic # 73 – 54% of midsized and 49% of large businesses are not prepared to manage IRS annual ACA health care reporting.

Statistic # 74 –  30% of midsized companies reported unexpected expenses – such as fines, penalties and lawsuits – in the past 12 months as a result of noncompliance.

Statistic # 75 – 47% of employees surveyed stated that improving their benefits packages is one thing their employers could do to keep them in their job.

Statistic # 76 – Companies that join a #PEO have a 21% savings on HR Administration.

Statistic # 77 – According to a new report by the DOL, every 3.5 seconds a labor law changes.

Statistic # 78 – 97% of companies that partnered with a #PEO through ARC Consultants had a significant savings with their Workers’ Compensations costs.

Statistic # 79 –  A recent survey finds that 70% of business leaders are concerned about their access to employees with key skills to grow the business, and 53% of these business leaders report that their HR department is not prepared to find, develop, and source new talent.

Statistic # 80 – A recent survey finds 75% of surveyed companies are currently in the process of researching ACA solutions options.

Statistic # 81 – A recent survey finds that only a little over 15% of companies are confidently prepared for the ACA reporting mandates.

Statistic # 82 – The PEO industry is growing by over 15% annually.

Statistic # 83 – 59% of businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees, and 60% of businesses with fewer than 100 employees plan to invest in human resources technology this year.

Statistic # 84 – There are roughly 900 PEO companies in the US today.

Statistic # 85 – HR tasks can cost up to 8.5% of your annual gross payroll.

Statistic # 86 – 75% of companies are struggling to attract and recruit the top people they need.

Statistic # 87 – 88% of employees do not have a passion for their work.

Statistic # 88 – 30% of small business owners wear 5 to 6 hats a day.

Statistic # 89 – PEO clients are 28% more satisfied with their selection of healthcare benefits.

Statistic # 90 – Affordable Care Act (ACA) administration and compliance costs an average of $15,000 per year.


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