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Statistic # 31 – Negligent hiring cases have had verdicts costing up to $40 million.

Statistic # 32 – More than 25% of employed individuals chose employment based on better health benefits.

Statistic # 33 – Businesses spend over 1.7 billion hours on tax compliance annually.

Statistic # 34 – There are 3,348 Federal Regulations in the pipeline, with nearly a 1/3 impacting businesses directly.

Statistic # 35 – 60% of companies over 1000 employees are not prepared for penalty management under ACA.

Statistic # 36 – On average business owners spend $7,000 per employee per year on regulations and tax compliance.

Statistic # 37 – 30% of executives say motivating their employees is their toughest challenge.

Statistic # 38 – 46% of new hires leave their jobs within the first year.

Statistic # 39 – Over the last 20 years, employee-initiated lawsuits have risen by a whopping 400%!!

Statistic # 40 – Only 17% of small companies are confident that they understand ACA.

Statistic # 41 – 33% of businesses get fined by the government every year for payroll and compliance mistakes.

Statistic # 42 – About 95% of business are NOT in compliance with ERISA regulations.

Statistic # 43 – 63% of small businesses say they are concerned about their company’s ability to provide a benefits package that will attract and retain employees

Statistic # 44 – Nearly two-thirds of employers recognize that cutting benefits will just undercut outcomes.

Statistic # 45 – The Small Business Association estimates that it costs $1,469.00 per year per employee to handle human resources in-house.

Statistic # 46 – In 2014, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received 88,778 discrimination charges.

Statistic # 47 – 75% of midsized business owners lack confidence their organization understands all of the ACA regulations that apply to their businesses.

Statistic # 48 – The top 3 concerns for midsized businesses and executives are: 1) Cost of health coverage and other benefits 2) Complexities of the ACA 3) Level and volume of government regulations.

Statistic # 49 – 70% of jury trials are decided in favor of the employee. And many of the jury awards are worth at least $1 million, if not more. And that doesn’t even include the legal fees you’ll incur.

Statistic # 50 – 64% of midsized companies have multiple people in different roles working together to make ACA decisions.

Statistic # 51 – 80% of startups shut down within the first 18 months.

Statistic # 52 – 49% of small business say they cannot attract and retain top quality employees without offering competitive health benefits.

Statistic # 53 – 23% of midsized companies reduced their number of insurance lines to manage their ACA costs.

Statistic # 54 – 26% of Potential qualified employees want benefits that your business does not provide.

Statistic # 55 – 32% of midsized companies reduced the number of their medical plan options to manage their ACA costs.

Statistic # 56 – 56% of small business owners say they feel as if they can never be away from their company.

Statistic # 57 – 51% of small business owners say they don’t have time to focus on themselves.

Statistic # 58 – 43% of small business owners cite that the most difficult aspect of running a business is wearing so many hats.

Statistic # 59 – 82% of employers say compliance with the law has led to increased costs this year.

Statistic # 60 – 33% of employers believe the largest jump in compliance costs will take place in 2016.


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