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A traditional PEO model may not be the right fit for your business, but ARC can still help you save time, money and stress through customized HR solutions.

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What is
an HRO?

An HRO, a Human Resource Organization, also known as an ASO, allows you to tap into the same bounty of HR services and tools available through a PEO without the co-employment partnership.

Through an HRO, business owners are able to maintain their existing benefit packages or take on additional benefits and utilize the HRO to administer on your behalf.

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It’s a modern world, and that means you can automate almost every aspect of employee administration. No, that doesn’t mean you can hire a robot to run your HR department, but it does mean there’s an enormous amount of technology and cloud-based platforms that can help you manage your employees for a fraction of the time and cost while increasing your efficiency and productivity. Explore our HR marketplace to discover the newest advances in HR technology at your fingertips.

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