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A traditional PEO model may not be the right fit for your business, but ARC can still help you save time, money and stress through customized HR solutions.

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What is
an HRO?

An HRO, a Human Resource Organization, also known as an ASO, allows you to tap into the same bounty of HR services and tools available through a PEO without the co-employment partnership.

Through an HRO, business owners are able to maintain their existing benefit packages or take on additional benefits and utilize the HRO to administer on your behalf.

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It’s a modern world, and that means you can automate almost every aspect of employee administration. No, that doesn’t mean you can hire a robot to run your HR department, but it does mean there’s an enormous amount of technology and cloud-based platforms that can help you manage your employees for a fraction of the time and cost while increasing your efficiency and productivity.



Time &
System Selection

Applicant Tracking Systems

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic managing of recruitment and hiring needs. An ATS can be implemented or accessed online, depending on the company’s needs. ARC Consultants can guide you through your selection of an ATS that helps save you time and money.

Learning Management System

LMS, or a Learning Management System, is a software program designed to create, administer, and manage the delivery of educational content. The product can be used as a stand-alone on a company’s server, or utilized on a cloud-based platform that is hosted by the software creator. An LMS can be the perfect solution for educating and on-boarding employees without investing large amounts of money in training costs. ARC Consultants advises on which LMS to use and guides you on how to best take advantage of the system.

Expense Management Software

Expense Management Software, or expense reporting software, is a financial product that allows businesses to submit, track, process, and reimburse employee expenses. It can also be used to invoice billable work hours and/or reimbursable project expenses. ARC Consultants advises on which software to use and helps you set it up for most efficient use.

Payroll Provider Selection

Like everything else, there are dozens of companies offering to handle your payroll. ARC Consultants prices multiple payroll providers based on your needs so you can find the one that fits your business best. We’ll walk you through the implementation process and continue to offer assistance and support for as long as you are still using this provider.

HRO Selection

An HRO is an agreement that business owners use in which they fund their employee benefit plan, but hire an outside provider to administrate it. But unlike a PEO, an HRO doesn’t require co-employment. ARC Consultants can bring you quotes from a selection of HROs and help you choose the one that best suits your company’s needs.

Employee Benefit Administration

If you’re looking to outsource employee benefit administration, ARC Consultants can help. We’ll do the legwork for you and connect you with the best, and most cost-efficient employee benefit administrators on the market.

Time & Attendance System Selection

Track your employees’ work hours easily with a time and attendance system. Your employees can clock in and out through a physical time-clock, mobile app, or website. The system will track each employee’s hours and export the data directly to your payroll system. If you’re shopping for a time and attendance system, ARC Consultants can guide you through your choices.

HRIS System Selection

Are you still keeping files on each of your employees? Bring your company up to date with an HRIS system. The system will collect and store all your employees’ information, manage government compliance regulation, process the hiring and termination of employees, making HR management easy. You can also use an HRIS system to recruit new employees, manage performance, and oversee employee development.

ARC Consultants can help you choose an HRIS system that fits your company’s needs.

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