By: Shraga Jacobowitz

The greatest burden for small to mid-sized businesses is in the area of business management. We all know that most CEO’s and business owners did not go in to business to manage payroll, taxation, workers’ compensation, employee benefits and government compliance – this is just not their forte. Even the most talented executives are not likely to find their forte in the exacting demands of employee recruitment, training, company policies and the labyrinth of government regulatory compliance. Being an employer is a headache sometimes even a nightmare! And that is an understatement!! Especially as the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations continue to roll out…..

The tasks and services that revolve around your employees are not profit generating, and simply not the reason you went into business. But please don’t get me wrong these tasks are extremely necessary and important to one’s business, after all the most valuable asset to one’s company are his employees. CEO’s can spend a large percentage of their precious day engaged in these necessary, but time consuming tasks. Administrative tasks should not slow down the productivity of your company at all.

Human resources is an essential part of every business. A human resource department that is being run efficiently can provide the business with structure and ability to meet its business needs through managing your companies most valuable resources – it’s employees.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is the most cost effective way to having a human resource department for your company, and assist in retaining your company’s most valuable asset – your employees. Through pooling together thousands of other worksite employees and creating enormous buying power, we are able to offer competitive employee benefit packages, WC insurance and other employee related services at a discounted rate. As well as, solve problems in areas of human resources, workers compensation, risk management, employee benefits and payroll.

Our goal is to increase productivity, reducing time spent on transactional HR, reduce employment related liability and ultimately reduce labor costs. That is why WE went into business – to assist companies like yours. It is our forte and we shine in these areas. We have the ability to assist your company in many ways. We have unique solutions not found in the standard markets. Leave it to the experts!!

Now does that make sense????

By partnering with a PEO you will:

IMPROVE compliance with state and federal regulations.

FOCUS on business goals not administrative tasks.

PROTECT your business from workplace liabilities and loss.

GAIN time energy and incentives to grow business.

REDUCE employee related costs and increase profits.

For more information, reach out to ARC PEO Consultants. We are here to serve and only that!

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