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The PEO your business is currently using may not be best for your needs.

Finding the PEO that fits your business can be challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone. Use a PEO broker or consulting service like ARC PEO Consultants to take the guesswork and the stress out of choosing the perfect PEO.

With great communication and quick response time, ARC PEO Consultants has helped our team find a PEO company that was just the right fit for us. They are great to work with!

Aron Taylor, CFO

UrgentPay Medical Billing

With great communication and quick response time, ARC PEO Consultants has helped our team find a PEO company that was just the right fit for us. They are great to work with!

Aron Taylor, CFO

UrgentPay Medical Billing

Not All PEOs are Built Equally

Which PEO you partner with all depends on what your top priority is when looking for a PEO.


Competitive Worker Comp Rates

Safety Training & Procedures

Government Compliance & Regulations

Risk Management


HR Technology

Competitive Fortune 500 Benefit Packages


HR Assistance

Government Compliance & Regulations

Fortune 500 Benefit Packages


Competitive Benefits

HRIS Technology


HR Infrastructure


Support for Growth

Be sure to partner with the PEO that is the right fit for your business

5 Reasons to Find Your PEO Through ARC


Sample Savings


  • With personalized PEOs picked just for you, no need to do hours and hours of research

  • No more filling and submitting your information over and over again to different PEOs. One centralized form means you only need to do it one time.

  • Use our relationships with the PEOs to your advantage. Our broad client base and established relationship with the PEOs translates into VIP service for your business.

  • Have complete peace of mind that you are receiving the best prices & best PEO for you.

  • We’ll walk you through every step of the way, and you get to use our industry knowledge and expertise during the entire process.

  • Have ongoing support so that you always have someone to talk to about your PEO and HR needs.

How does ARC PEO Consultants help
compare PEOs for you?

Apex Manufacturing Co. had only 45 employees, both clerical and warehousing employees. With their diverse makeup of employees, they needed great worker’s comp to protect their warehousing employees and a robust benefits package to attract and retain top talent. Because they were obtaining their benefits and Workers Comp on the open market, they were finding it challenging to compete with the bigger companies. They were also desperately in need of additional HR infrastructure to accommodate their imminent growth and diverse workplace.

ARC PEO Consultants helped them find a PEO partner that delivered the benefits and worker’s comp they needed with $48K in savings, which they were then able to use to increase the quality of their benefit package. Their PEO also helped them with setting up the HR infrastructure they needed to continue growing.
Top Tech, a growing national tech firm, were in desperate need for Fortune 500 benefit packages so that they could compete with brand name companies. In addition, their cross country offices meant they needed help with multi- state compliance and their HR infrastructure.

ARC PEO Consultants was able to help them find a PEO that met all their needs, allowing them to hire top-talent and stay compliant.
With only 35 employees, Ultimate Trucking could not secure the competitive Workers Comp and Safety & Risk Management Program they required for their employees.

After ARC PEO Consultants paired them with a PEO, Ultimate Trucking attained the benefits they needed along with $40K in savings.
With 115 employees, Onyx Property Group, a property management company was scaling and growing throughout the US. Therefore, they needed a strong HR backbone with multi-state presence and multi-state HR assistance. In addition, because they were hiring and attracting talent from other Fortune 500 caliber companies, they needed a competitive benefit package that would work nationally.

ARC Consultants was able to place them with a national PEO that delivered all their needs to assist them in their growth and multi-state operation, including delivering a high end HRIS system to assist them in managing their employees and dedicated personnel. In addition, through their PEO partnership they were able to save over 135k in annual savings on their Worker Comp benefits, and state unemployment taxes.
Forklift Warehousing and Distribution is a 200+ employee company that needed HR guidance and competitive Workers Comp.

ARC PEO Consultants partnered them with a PEO and delivered the HR guidance they needed, plus over 160k in savings on their Workers Comp.
While smaller in size, D&S CPA LLC, a 25 employee CPA firm was looking for HR infrastructure to accommodate their growth, seamless electronic employee onboarding process, and Fortune 500 benefit packages to attract and retain top talent.

ARC PEO Consultants matched them with a PEO that allowed them to have the infrastructure and benefit packages of a company 5x their size.
Universal Supplies, an 125-employee wholesaler wanted to reduce their Worker’s Comp and health insurance costs.

ARC PEO Consultants partnered them with a PEO and they saved in total of over 175k.
OptionCity Technology is a start-up tech firm. Their rapid growth had them quickly scaling to over 100 employees in a short period of time. They needed a fully-integrated HR platform and employee benefit suite immediately.

ARC PEO Consultants found a PEO that was able to deliver just that and that could guide them through their quick expansion and growth.
With over 400 employees, Royal Pines Healthcare was in need of competitive health insurance and Workers Comp.

ARC PEO consultants partnered them with a PEO which gave them over 100k in savings (year over year) and provided long term stability in their rates.
Blue Space Tech Group, a tech firm with 32 employees was in need for additional HR technology to streamline their workforce and a rich employee benefit package to attract and retain top talent.

ARC PEO Consultants found them a PEO that provided both of these while saving them $47k annually.
Black Point Realty , a multi-state real estate operation (with 150+ employees) was very HR driven, and HR sophisticated. Already partnered with a PEO, they were looking for a better PEO with a state of the art technology platform and white glove service.

ARC PEO Consultants found them a new PEO that delivered them their exact needs at a $200k savings over their current PEO provider.
FamilyCare Associates, a 45-employee physician's office was already with a PEO but they were looking to lower their labor costs and obtain better health plans for their employees.

ARC PEO Consultants found them an alternate PEO with health plans that suited their needs at a total savings of $37k.
American National Manufacturing, a 52-employee manufacturing plant was partnered with a large national PEO, but was looking for a more white glove, hands-on service and a more flexible PEO.

ARC PEO Consultants was able to partner them with a regional PEO that provides hands-on, white glove boutique service model at a $35k savings.
Alpha Medical is  a growing healthcare  company with over 140 employees and was looking for more HR technology to assist them in their HR needs.

ARC PEO Consultants found them a PEO with advanced technology and upgraded health plans at over $200k annual savings.
Green Light Solutions is a small (37 employees) technology firm that was looking to save even more money than they were saving with their current PEO.

ARC PEO Consultants found them another PEO that delivered $50k in annual savings.
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