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Q: What role does a broker play once I sign with my PEO/HR Provider? – J.H.

A: Nikki from the Account Management team here! We get this question a lot – clients want to know at what point do they fully transition over to their PEO. The short answer is: Never. Once you are a client of ARC, we are committed to your company’s wellbeing and satisfaction.

On the Account Management team, we like to use the following analogy: Your know your broker as your personal PEO shopper guiding you in your quest for the perfect PEO or HR provider and that’s mostly accurate. Our role during the shopping process is most certainly to match you with your dream PEO that will save your company thousands of dollars and amp up your benefits to the point that your employees are cheering your name to anyone who will listen. However, unlike a personal shopper who remains with the store after you leave, ARC remains in your back pocket to serve as your strategic partner throughout the relationship with your provider.  

Here’s Why: Throughout the shopping process, we invest a lot of time in getting to know your team and understanding your business. Not only do we want to ensure a successful implementation, but we want to ensure continued satisfaction. Whichever provider you’ve settled on, we understand that nothing operates without glitches 100% of the time. The ARC Account Management team serves as a longstanding partner for our clients whether they require additional support to understand the operating procedures of a PEO or as an advocate during unforeseen circumstances. We will continue to be available for you and your team as you navigate the PEO world.  

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