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Q: My company has been with a PEO for two years now and although we are happy with the PEO model overall, there are some areas where our current PEO could improve. Can we check out other options? Is now a good time to do that or should I wait until January? – H.A.

A: It’s important to know that there are always other options to explore – no matter what time of year. You may have heard that January is the best time, or think that you need to wait for your benefits renewal. Although in some unique cases this may be the right path it certainly does not hold true for most; having a PEO broker on your side while you shop can help ensure that any advantages you’d get from waiting will be available to you today. 

Here’s the deal. The PEO industry is BOOMING and there are hundreds of PEOs nationwide with more opening every year. With the market expanding as it is, each PEO is working to carve out their own space in the industry which means many PEOs have specialties they focus on so they can truly tailor their services. Industry and company size, their workers comp risk appetite, and how their existing pool of employees rate in medical risk can all serve as differentiators. This is aside from the differences in technology platforms, health plan options, service model and other employee benefits. With all these variations, there is bound to be another option that could work for you. However, the first question that needs to be asked is not “Can we check out other options?” but “Should we check out other options?” and that is where your Broker earns his or her keep. When considering a switch, reach out to your Broker and provide the feedback on your current provider as well as your needs. Your Broker will verify whether there are changes that can be made with your current PEO to improve your experience or if your instincts were correct that it’s time to move on.

Whether you are currently an ARC client or not yet an ARC client, we’d love to help you find the perfect match so you’ll be completely happy with your choice. 

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